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Looking for an open enrollment bootcamp? Or a customized software development program for your team? We got you covered.

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The Nutshell

We work with organizations and higher-ed partners to develop, operate and maintain the highest quality, most relevant technical education programs today. We're small enough to be nimble but big enough to deliver.

We do the hard work, you take the credit.

Why Us?


Created By Developers, Taught By Developers



Customized Curriculum, Designed For Your Program



Employer Focused, From Startups to Enterprises



Student Focused, From Start to Hired


About Us

With a combined 15 years of development experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Cleveland local startups and a combined 10 years of educational background, we are able to bring our technical experience to the table and guide the students to become the next star developer employers are looking for. At the same time, we are able to guide you through all the process involved in running a bootcamp, getting students funding, securing employment for students, and many other things that are involved in running a successful coding bootcamp.

Who We Are

Kurtis Jensen

Kurtis Jensen is a software developer and entrepreneur. A graduate of CWRU School of Engineering, Kurtis acquired his initial experience as a Financial Services software developer at Bloomberg, LP in New York City. Kurtis further refined his skills as Principal in his own software development agency, Concepts Collective, LLC. Having led development projects in a number of industries, his hands-on experience is diverse, and he leverages these experiences in the classroom at the CVCC Coding Bootcamp. Kurtis has a passion for sharing his software development knowledge to help each of his students learn the wonders of computer programming.

Jeff Chen

Jeff Chen is graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. He has years of experience programming in JavaScript, Ruby, C# plus other languages. He has worked in various roles including new product design and development, development team management, plus code rescue projects. Jeff presents both a high level and a detailed explanation of the subject matter, then encourages students to dig deep for the answers to complex coding problems. Jeff helps students learn to overcome the challenges of coding.

Mark Holiday

Mark Holiday has been a software professional for nearly 20 years. As a graduate of CWRU's School of Engineering, Mark has implemented a number of software solutions in a variety of industries around the world. Having spent 10 years in the Aerospace industry, Mark moved to higher education where he was responsible for launching one of the first not-for-profit coding bootcamps in the country. Mark takes an active role in the placement of his coding bootcamp students and personally assists their transformations into software development professionals. Hear Mark's recent interview about the CVCC Coding Bootcamp on America's Workforce Radio here:

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